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Sales Basics 101

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Goal: The goal of this course is to teach the would-be home-based or micro business
owner or current owner how to develop or improve salesmanship skills. Sales, in any
business, are key to the success of that business. This text is designed to be taught in a
one-hour segment, unless role-play scenarios are included to enhance the application of

Objectives: After studying this section on salesmanship, the participant will be able to:
• Define salesmanship and why it is important to the home-based business owner.
• Explain the value of relationships in selling.
• Differentiate retail and wholesale selling.
• Use a variety of communication techniques in selling.
• Recognize customer responses.
• Know the steps in closing a sale.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons

Intro to Sales

Selling Drives the Business

Who Are Successful Salespeople?

Recognizing Selling Situations

Building Sales Relationships

Networking Opportunities

Build Selling Skills

Steps in a Sale

Final Test

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